Quality policy

The satisfaction and trust of our passengers are the greatest value which we have created over the decades of dedicated work and precisely due to this, as our main aim, we set the commitment that in every moment we once again justify and by our example prove that we are worthy of the position of the leading bus operator in the Republic of Croatia and a parf of an acknowledged European and easily recognisable brand.

The passenger, as the centre of our attention, must at every moment be provided the best quality level of service possible, wherein without exception we respect the legal norms and every ethical principles of business.

We are dedicated to the development of new knowledge and abilities through the constant care of employees and their education.

The modernisation of business processes through technological advancements and the renewal of our fleet and equipment as drivers in the raising of the level of competitiveness which will ensure that we provide the most in what we do the best, and that is the listening to the needs of the passengers and adapting to them.

We are achieving business responsibility alongside the concern for the satisfaction and safety of passengers by respecting all the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, the provisions of international conventions and the laws of the countries in which we operate and with responsible behaviour towards the environment by using the principles of sustainable development and the optimal use of resources.

The consistent implementation of a quality policy along with the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the whole quality management system, certified by ISO 9001: 2015, are the guarantee of the strengthening of the market position to the satisfaction of all of our passengers and workers.

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