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Traveling by bus is the most comfortable, affordable and eco-friendly way to discover Croatia. It is also a most convenient way since buses in Croatia are number one public transport option and therefore all Croatian destinations are very well connected with frequent daily bus lines.

Traveling by bus can save you money and take you places you would have never seen if taking a plane. You can travel by bus throughout Croatia, from the capital Zagreb and inland, to national parks, islands and all along the coast and discover some magnificent sights and pretty, little towns on your way.

Use to find destinations you want to visit and explore what routes can take you there.

Check our advices below for your best bus travel experience.

You can buy a bus ticket in Arriva Croatia mobile app, on the website, at the bus station, official ticket office or on-board. Tickets at the bus stations can be bought with cash or debit/credit card, online with debit/credit card and if you are buying your ticket last minute on-board, at the driver, make sure you bring enough cash since it's the only payment option in the bus.

Tickets can be bought online up to 15 minutes before departure. We recommend buying tickets earlier, especially when traveling during the summer season and around national holidays to make sure you have your seat reserved.

Ticket prices may vary depending on the time of travel. Enter your route in the journey planner and check the timetable with all departures and prices on chosen route.

Arriva offers different types of discount depending on the passenger category like student, pensioner, children tickets or age-based discounts from 5% to 50% off the standard ticket price.

Save your time and skip those counter lines at the bus stations, buy your ticket online fast and easy and you can even save some money. When buying tickets in Arriva Croatia mobile app you can get an extra 5% online discount and grab some great online deals like First minute tickets that have up to 50% lower prices than standard tickets.

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If you are traveling on our international lines, you must have a valid passport or ID in order to pass the border. For more information about mandatory documents, please visit Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website.

For Arriva journeys, you can buy one way or return ticket. Return tickets gives you a discount and therefore costs less than buying two one-way tickets on the same route. Choose Open return ticket if you are not sure about your returning date or Fixed return ticket (in booking referred just as “Return”) if you know exactly when your return date and time will be. If you buy Open return ticket be sure to book you return trip at one of our ticket offices or using Return journey reservation on our website to ensure you have a seat on your preferred departure.

Most online tickets don't have to be printed, you can just show your ticket to the driver on your cell phone or tablet. If the ticket must be printed, it will be clearly indicated during the booking process.

On the day of your journey, make sure you are at the bus station at least 15 minutes before bus departure in order to hand your luggage to the driver, find your seat and make yourself comfortable and prepared for the journey. Seat number will be indicated on your ticket, as is your bus number in case of more buses at the same time. If the seat number is not specified on your ticket, fell free to sit anywhere you want, except on driver’s seat, of course.

You can use our Stop finder to find exact location of all bus stops and find details of your boarding or final destination location.

One item of a hand luggage can be taken on board and placed above your seat. Hand luggage is free of charge but larger luggage that goes in the luggage compartment is charged according to the price list. Luggage for Arriva Croatia carriers' departures can be paid when purchasing your ticket in Autotrans ticket offices.

Keep your luggage receipt; you will need it to get your luggage back at your final destination.

Make sure you put all of your valuables like money, documents, camera and electronic devices; refreshments or any medication you might need in your hand luggage. Always keep an eye on your hand luggage and don't forget to take everything with you when leaving the bus.

All Arriva buses are air-conditioned and well equipped with comfortable, reclining seats and more legroom on chosen routes.

Free WiFi service is available on most of the Arriva buses. Just find the bus network and listen to music, connect with your friends, play games, do some work, surf the web or scroll down your favourite social media channels (don't forget to follow Arriva Croatia on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and special offers!). On your route, you will probably pass by many outstanding sights and get a bunch of chances of taking that perfect Instagram shot. Thanks to our free WiFi you can upload it immediately or even make a live video.

There is no need to worry you'll run out of battery using free WiFi since everyday more and more power outlets are being introduced into Arriva buses. You can charge your phone, camera or laptop and arrive at your destination with full battery ready to explore and photograph throughout the day.

You can also read a book or a magazine while traveling (there is a reading light above every seat), admire the landscape around you or maybe even make friends with fellow passengers.

During a journey you can expect toilet and snack breaks every few hours. Even if you don’t need to, do get off the bus at rest stops, breathe in some fresh air and stretch your legs a bit, maybe you'll discover you're in a beautiful destination you never knew about. Just make sure you remember how your bus looks like and how long is the break. Be there on time for departure, you don’t want to see your bus leaving without you.

On longer, cross country routes, like Pula-Dubrovnik, Zagreb-Vela Luka, Osijek-Umag or routes connecting Croatia and Germany, overnight buses are operating. Traveling during the night is a good option to save money on accommodation and use the maximum of your days on vacation. Seat back in our comfortable buses, relax and arrive at your destination fresh and fully rested.

When traveling overnight wear more layers or take a blanket with you if you tend to get cold, since the temperature in the bus can be higher or lower than your comfortable one. To make sure you catch some good sleep also bring a neck pillow and an eye mask to avoid waking up because of the highway lights or sun rays at the crack of the dawn, though who would want to miss sunrise over beautiful Croatian islands and mountains?

There will probably be radio playing in the bus, after all something has to keep our driver awake and concentrated on the road while all passengers are enjoying their sweet dreams. If radio, or any other sounds could get in a way of your perfect sleep don't forget to bring earplugs or headphones, maybe put some relaxing music on and before you know it you're at your destination, ready to seize the new day.

Hope these advices come in handy when you’re preparing for a journey. For any additional questions or concerns, check our FAQ.

If you still haven’t found an answer to your question feel free to contact us anytime.

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