Ticket types and discounts

Information on the types of bus tickets are designed to help you with choosing the correct ticket for your journey.

When selecting the ticket you should consider the following:

  • Are you looking for one-way or return travel ticket - our return tickets can be with fixed or open return. By fixed return you choose your return journey date when booking the outbound journey. By open return  you can choose your return afterwards when you decide the date and time of your return. To book your return journey go on our web site or at official ticket offices
  • Ticket price depends on the time of departure and route you choose, and category of passengers to which you belong 
  • If you buy a bus ticket in Arriva Croatia mobile app you can receive an additional 5% discount 

Types of bus tickets and discounts

More about ticket types and discounts by categories of passengers:

For information about the types of bus tickets on a particular departure, please contact our Info Center or one of our ticket offices.

Single Return Open return