Sponsorships & Donations

The Arriva Group invests in the development of local communities and supports a large number of projects and local initiatives throughout Croatia.

As a socially responsible company, aware of the integration in the wider social and natural environment, we want to contribute to the better quality of life and development of a local community.

In line with our strategic priorities, as a socially responsible company whose aim is sustainable business, we support projects that offer long-term solutions and bring about concrete changes which have a favourable effect on a local community.

With the aid of sponsorship and donations, we are supporting and helping the better functioning of organisations, societies and institutions in the fields of sports, culture, education, health and other socially responsible activities.

Guidelines in the selection of sponsorship projects:

  • Sponsorship or relationship with a donor are understood as a partnership which ensures the mutual advancement of the sponsor or donor, the recipient and the wider society
  • Transparency – we allocate sponsorship funds via tenders, which also contain the criteria for the selection of sponsorship and donor projects – source Arriva Slovenia
  • In the selection of sponsorship projects, it is necessary to satisfy the following goals: the strengthening of the Arriva brand, the implementation of social responsibility and the support of local environments. The criteria for the selection of sponsorship or donor activities are also connected by a triple purpose
  • When making a decision about sponsorships and donations, projects which are centred on sporting activities and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, the development and education of young people and environmental protection have an advantage.

Procedure of the selection of sponsorship projects

You can send a request for sponsorship or donation to the e-mail address marketing@arriva.com.hr or via the form that follows.

If your project is chosen for co-operation, we will contact you within 30 working days with instructions about the further progress of the authorised donation or sponsorship.

If your application is not approved, you will receive no further information.

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