Customer satisfaction

Our business in both national and international markets, since its very beginning to the present day, it’s been focused on the satisfaction of our customers with the service we provide. Continuing to meet their expectations is what keeps us striving to be better and we do this by setting the highest standards in providing:

  • A reliable service
  • Safety and comfort
  • Value for money

Since a satisfied customer is one of the key criteria of the Arriva business, we strive every day to meet their requirements and fulfil their expectations. Our passengers are at the heart of everything we do, from maintaining the highest possible safety standards and improving service reliability through to making transport simpler day by day. We want public transport to be a safe and pleasurable experience.

We pay great attention to passengers’ opinions, their suggestions, proposals, as well as to their remarks. They are the ones who help us improve and become better, and their satisfaction and trust are our highest values.

We manage our social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter to connect directly with our customers and provide them with the daily support in means of travel planning, ticketing, accessible services and overall travel experiences.

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