Conditions for Online Ticket Sales


These General Conditions for Online Ticket Sales apply to online ticket sales issued by Autotrans d.d. (hereinafter referred to as: Autotrans) on


Autotrans sells online tickets for connections marked on

By online booking, seat for outbound part of the journey is automatically reserved in both outbound and inbound journey, if return ticket with fixed return is chosen and is charged according to the valid pricelist.

If an open return ticket has been purchased online, it is obligatory to book an inbound part of the journey afterwards but before the return journey on or at one of the official ticket offices. Reservation fee is charged according to the valid pricelist.

The Contract of Carriage is deemed to have been completed upon a successful payment transaction. Immediately upon the purchase, the ticket and the invoice shall be delivered to the Passenger via e-mail.


The Passenger is obliged to deliver the corresponding coupon of the ticket to the driver when boarding. Ticket can be printed or shown in an electronic form (PDF file) on smartphone or tablet.

For some departures the buyer is obliged to print the ticket, about which they shall be notified in the process of buying the ticket, as well as in an e-mail message upon the delivery of the ticket and receipt.


Information on ticket prices can be found at or at any Arriva ticket outlet.

First minute online ticket sale is done exclusively under Special First Minute Online Sales Conditions.

The sale of tickets with a promotion code is done exclusively according to the Special Conditions of Use of the Promo Code.

Online tickets can be paid by credit/debit cards American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Diners and with related document which was given for cancel request of unused services of transport (max. 5 related documents in one purchase).

Instalment payment is not possible.


Tickets referred to in article 2 of these General Conditions can be purchased on the web site, not later than:

  • 15 minutes before departure 


In order to improve the user experience, the user registration is enabled on the website at the time of purchase of bus tickets. The buyer shall take full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided during the registration, and undertakes to handle the password accurately. Moreover, the buyer shall take full responsibility for all the activities performed with their account, including the activities of others, regardless of the fact that they were authorised by the buyer or if such persons are using the buyer’s account in an unauthorized manner.

Autotrans is not responsible for situations arising from unauthorized use of the buyer’s account and has the right to deny access and use of all or some services to that user.


Refunds are possible only pursuant to General Conditions of Carriage of each carrier, except in cases of First minute sale where Special First Minute Online Sales Conditions are applied and when buying a ticket with a promo code, in which case the Special Conditions of Use of the Promo Code apply.

In case of trip cancellation, the passenger is entitled to either:

  • a cash refund minus the 10 percent handling fee
  • a coupon in the full amount of the carriage cost, valid for 12 months from the day of issue.

The Passenger is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the booking fee.

The coupon in the full amount of the carriage cost must be requested on the My booking website. The coupon is sent to your e-mail address.
Cash refunds shall be made on the basis of a completed Refund Claim Form. The completed Refund Claim Form must be sent in good time to the e-mail address or by registered mail to the postal address Autotrans d.d., Služba podrške prometa i prodaje, p.p. 288, 51000 Rijeka. The refund shall be paid to the credit/debit card by which the purchase has been made. Bank costs have to be settle by the passenger.


The issued coupon can be used to purchase a new ticket up to 12 months after its date of issue. The coupon can not be redeem in Arriva Croatia mobile App.
If the carriage charge when purchasing a new ticket is higher than the available amount on the coupon, the passenger is required to pay the difference between the amount of the coupon and the ticket. If the carriage charge when purchasing a new ticket is lower than the available amount on the coupon, a new coupon with the remaining amount and a new validity period will be issued, which can then be used when purchasing another ticket.

The voucher may not be exchanged for cash.


Amendments to online tickets are not possible. Should there be a change of a reservation, it is necessary to submit a Refund Claim and buy a new online ticket. Amendments to online tickets purchased under first minute offer terms are not possible.

Amendments of return journey reservations are made on Return journey reservation site or at official ticket offices. The new booking fee is charged according to the valid pricelist.


For any further questions relating to ticket sales, please feel free to contact us at the following address:

Autotrans d.d.
p.p. 288, 51000 Rijeka
Info Centre
Tel: +385 72 660 660


For all not expressly foreseen by these General Conditions, reference shall be made to the General Conditions of Carriage of the carrier who performs the transport apply.

For any dispute between the passenger and the operator, the court of the Republic of Croatia has jurisdiction according to the regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia.

In the case of the need of the interpretation of the provisions of these general conditions in relation to translated texts of the same in another language, the Croatian version of the text of these general conditions shall prevail.

Carrier may change these General Conditions in accordance with its commercial policy and valid EU regulations.

These General Conditions shall enter into force on the date of enactment, and shall be available to passengers on the website With the entry into force of the present General Conditions, the General Conditions for Online Ticket Sales of 13th May 2022 shall cease to have effect.


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