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Punat is a town located in Punat Bay on the south the island. Punat is ideal for strolling the narrow streets of the city, the so-called. kale, swimming at one of the many pebble beaches or visiting the islet of Košljun. Punat is also known for yachting marina with shipyard and wakeboarder center.

Bus station Punat is very well connected with other towns on the island, for example - Omišalj, Njivice, Krk, Malinska and Baška, and by daily departures - with Zagreb. Do you have to travel to the rest of Croatia, it will not be a problem, since Punat has excellent conections with Rijeka, and from Rijeka there are regular bus lines to many Croatian towns and to cities abroad. During the tourist season there are direct connection to Varaždin and Osijek.

Bus station Punat offers the following services: parking and news stand.

Bus station Punat is just 450 meters from the city center.


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