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Novalja is not only a tourist center of the island, but also the number one destination in Croatia for active recreation, entertainment and all-night partying. Well, they do not call it the Croatian Ibiza for no reason! However, Novalja is interesting even for those who like a quiet holiday. Long pebble beach called Zrće, which makes Novalja recognizable, is equally attractive - to swimmers during the day, and to clubbers at night. In this town, it is simply impossible for you to be bored.

Bus station Novalja is well connected by bus with other places on the island. Regular buses depart to Rijeka, Zagreb, and Zadar, to which there are additional departures during the season. At the beginning of the season bus lines to Šibenik and Split are started.

Bus station Novalja offers the following services: tickets, drink, taxi and parking.

The bus station in Novalja is located approximately 1.5 km from the center and about 2.5 km from the Zrće beach.


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