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Youth discount

Great travel deals, save up to 50% on your bus journey!

Use youth discounts

Realize up to 35% discount when purchasing a one-way bus ticket, or up to 40% discount when purchasing a return ticket.

Discounts are valid on bus tickets for all days of the week, regardless of whether you are traveling to the university, back home on weekends, on a day-trip or a longer journey.

Find out more about discounts and how to use them on the page Ticket types and discounts.

Use a-card

With an a-card you get an extra 5% discount when buying bus tickets:

  • 5% off standard bus tickets for journeys longer than 40 km on the Autotrans bus lines
  • 5% off standard bus tickets for journeys longer than 60 km on the APP bus lines,
  • 5% discounts on the Panturist bus line Osijek-Zagreb (only on the routes with the departure or arrival in Zagreb)

If you don't have an a-card yet, you can get one for free in all Arriva ticket offices. For issuing an a-card you only need a photo of a size 2,5 x 3 cm. Read more about a-card.

Buy tickets in Arriva Croatia mobile app

Buy your bus tickets in Arriva Croatia app and get an extra 5% discount on ticket prices for selected departures.

Find our best prices

Follow our advices can save even more:

  • Choose return ticket - when buying return tickets you can realise up to 25% discount whereby the price of a return ticket is lower than buying two one-way tickets on the same route.
  • Compare prices by departure - flexible travel time allows you to choose a departure with lower ticket price. Ticket prices may vary depending on the day and the hour of travel, so certain departures on the same route can have a lower price.
  • Use a-card- make an a-card for free and earn an additional 5% discount when purchasing a bus ticket on Arriva Croatia lines.
  • Catch First minute tickets - the fastest buyers on selected lines throughout Croatia have the opportunity to buy a ticket at First minute prices lower up to 50%. The offer is valid for purchase of tickets in Arriva Croatia mobile app or in the webshop.
  • Buy tickets online- buy tickets quickly and easily in the Arriva Croatia mobile app and save an additional 5% on selected departures.
  • Select passenger's category - pupils, students, persons under the age of 26, seniors and children receive special discounts up to 50% compared to the standard ticket price.
  • Utilize promo code - keep an eye on special promotions in Arriva and use the promo code for additional discounts when buying tickets in Arriva Croatia mobile app or in our webshop.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter - sign up to receive Arriva newsletter and never miss our special offers, promotions or news again.

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