Compliance relies on Integrity and Prevention

Arriva sees compliance as risk management with a focus on prevention. Its aim as a fair, trustworthy business partner is to prevent potential infringements before they happen. Compliance is therefore an essential part of the Arrivas Group’s risk management system. Compliance activities focus on preventing corruption and other forms of white-collar crime.

Arriva Anti-Corruption Programme

Sustainable success can only be achieved if all employees and executives comply with the law in line with the company’s values. They shall not take any unjustifiable risks and shall live a value-based corporate culture that guides our actions in our daily work.

Code of conduct

The Arriva Company is committed to comply with international and national law. Furthermore, the Group has defined Arriva's Code of Conduct - ethical standards for business behaviour that are anchored throughout the company.  

Arriva's Code of Conduct defines standards and expectations for all business activities of our employees and managers. Our managers act as role models in this respect. The internal rules define conduct in the following cases:

  • Benefits – Give and Take

Transparent guidelines on how to deal with benefits from third parties or gratuities from the company itself

  • Protecting assets

Guideline on protecting business and trade secrets as well as DB Group’s assets

  • Cartel law / Price fixing

Information and guidelines for how to avoid competition-restricting agreements, price fixing and offers that restrict fair competition

  • Agents, brokers, consultants

Rules on both cooperation and selection

  • Potential Conflicts of interest

Guidelines on how to avoid conflicts of interests i.e. between private interests of employees and its employer

Responsible procurement policy

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners and Responsible Procurement Policy clearly defines Arriva expectations: suppliers and business partners agree to comply with the requirements of the Code. For Arriva this represents a significant contribution for sustainable conduct in the supply chain and forms an important basis for our cooperative business dealings.

Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners is based - among others - on the principles of the UN Global Compact and the same principles we have set in Arrvia’s Corporate Principles Ethics - Code of Conduct for our managers and employees. It is addressed to all companies and individuals worldwide from whom we purchase goods or services.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners


The Arriva group aims to act in an ethical manner in all business transactions and in compliance with statutory provisions.

However, it is possible for situations to occur in which information about suspected white collar crime needs to be reported. The goal of Arriva Group’s whistleblowing management is to protect the company from damage resulting from corruption, restrictive practices and fraud.

Arriva Group therefore offers various channels for employees, business partners and customers to submit reports about suspected infringements.

Reports are treated with strict confidentiality as well as anonymously on request. 

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