Panturist is the leading transport company in east Croatia. Panturist connects Slavonia region with all other parts of the country like Zagreb, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner. Also operates regular international service to Germany, France, Serbia and Slovenia. The company also manages six bus stations and ticket offices in Slavonia and Baranja region (Osijek, Đakovo, Našice, Valpovo, Donji Miholjac and Beli Manastir).

Panturist service:

  • National local, regional and inter-urban scheduled bus services connecting cities in Slavonia and Baranja regions as well as connections between Slavonia and Baranja regions and Zagreb, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner regions
  • International scheduled bus transport services between Croatian cities and cities in Germany, France, Slovenia and Serbia
  • Contracted services: transport of elementary school students
  • Bus rent services
  • Tourist services to domestic and international clients
  • Vehicle maintenance services

Beside scheduled domestic and international transport, company’s core business, Panturist offers a wide range of complement transport services as well as travel services through its tourist agencies in Osijek and Požega.



Panturist was founded in 1946 as an integral part of the company Autoreparatura and under its name. It was the first organization providing public transport in the East Croatia.

More than seventy years ago, Panturist was operating with only 4 second-hand buses on two regional lines. During years, it has grown into one of the biggest transport companies in Croatia, with 110 buses, more than 160 registered lines and 700 bus connections in the inland and abroad.

In January 1998, Panturist d.d. founded its first daughter-company, Panthus d.o.o. in Beli Manastir, whose main activity was also passenger transport.

In order to enrich its offer with other complement services, in November 2000 second Panturist´s daughter-company, Panturist plus d.o.o., was established. It provided all kind of tourist services for groups and individuals through three travel agencies in Osijek, Split and Vinkovci.

Finally, in March of 2003, Panturist´s third company, Panservis d.o.o., was established. Panservis was an authorized service for maintenance of MAN and Neoplan vehicles with its own warehouse and spare parts sale.

In July 2006, Panturist d.d. has become a member of Veolia Transport, the biggest European private transport company.

Due to optimize costs and to strengthen its brand, in February 2007, all three of daughter companies have been merged to Panturist d.d. All business activities of former daughter companies now continue to run under mother company in a more effective way.

On 10th January 2011 Panturist becomes the owner of real estate and 9 buses of the transport company VTV Pavlic d.o.o. in Zagreb. By this acquisition, Veolia Transport expands its business in Croatia, entering the market of the Zagreb region.

In 2013, Panturist became a part of Arriva Deutsche Bahn group.

Company Id

Company name:

Panturist d.d. za prijevoz putnika i turizam

Registered Office address:

Sv.L.B. Mandića 33, 31000 Osijek

Office in Zagreb:

Ulica grada Chicaga 35, 10000 Zagreb

Registered at the Commercial Court in Osijek:

MBS: 030024392

Share capital:

63.768.800,00 HRK fully paid

Total number of shares:

6.376.880 shares without nominal value





MB (Registration number):


ID code:


Board of directors:

Saša Ilić

Chairman of the Supervisory board:

Dražen Divjak

Bank details:


  • IBAN: HR5924840081106582465; SWIFT/BIC: RZBHHR2X
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