Autoprometno poduzeće Požega, together with Panturist, is the leading transport company in east Croatia. APP connects Slavonia region with all other parts of the country like Zagreb, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner. The company also manages four bus stations and ticket offices in Slavonia (Slavonski Brod, Požega, Nova Gradiška and Pakrac).

APP service:

  • National local, regional and inter-urban scheduled bus services connecting cities in Slavonia region, as well as connections from Slavonia region to Zagreb, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner regions
  • International scheduled bus services between Croatian cities and cities in Serbia
  • Contracted services: service for elementary school students
  • Bus rent services
  • Tourist service to domestic and international clients
  • Vehicle maintenance services

Besides its core business, public transport of passengers, APP offers travel services such as the sales of tourist travel arrangements, rental, buses, airplane ticket sales, as well as vehicle maintenance service at its maintenance centres in Požega and Slavonski Brod, total 20,000 m2.

There also exists a modern thermal paint shop in the service centre in Požega, which is used by the company, as well as offering services to other operators.


APP d.d. began in 1946, when in Požega the Autostanica was established within the Slavonian Autopoduzeće in Osijek whereby the organised road transport of passengers, which was carried out by modified trucks for passengers, began to go to other places in Slavonia.

After 1948, Autostanica became independent and took the name Kotarsko autosaobraćajno poduzeće Slavonska Požega, which also bought three used buses, and for the first time, a regular route between Požega and Zagreb was opened.

At the end of the 1950s the company changed its name to Autosaobraćajno poduzeće Slavonska Požega, and it operated under the well-known abbreviation of ASP all the way until 1995.

In this period the company grew from a small local operator into a leading name in passenger and goods transportation in the area of the former Yugoslavia, and it widened its business and built bus stations in Požega and Nova Gradiška as well as its own service centre in Požega.

Changes in the political and economic life, the collapse of Yugoslavia and the aggression towards the Republic of Croatia significantly affected the business of ASP at the beginning of the 1990s, which also resulted in great business difficulties, and eventually the start of the receivership process in 1992, which swiftly finished the same year, and the company continued to operate alongside organisational and commercial changes. One of the organisational changes was the also the abandonment of the goods transport sector, i.e. freight transport, and the company has not dealt with this since then.

As new Companies Act dictated, in 1995 the company complied with it, and was structured as a joint stock company with all the associated bodies and method of business as well as with the new name of Autoprometno poduzeće d.d. Požega, known by the abbreviation APP. After the mentioned year the company adapted itself to a market-based method of business and without great conversion changes, as in other companies, growth began which over the following 10 years brought it once again to the very top of passenger transport in the Republic of Croatia.

In August 2017, Autotrans group became a part of Arriva Deutsche Bahn group.

Company Id

Company name:

Autoprometno poduzeće d.d. za prijevoz putnika i robe, ugostiteljstvo, turizam i servisne usluge

Registered Office address:

Industrijska 14, 34000 Požega

Registered at the Commercial Court of Osijek, Permanent attendance in Slavonski Brod:


Share capital:

19.700.990,00 HRK fully paid

Total number of shares:

41.917 shares, nominal value of the share: 470,00 HRK





MB (Registration number):


ID code:


Board of directors:

Saša Ilić

Chairman of the Supervisory board:

Dražen Divjak

Bank details:

ADDIKO BANK d.d. Zagreb

  • IBAN: HR36 2500 0091 1020 7131 4; BIC: HAABHR22

RBA d.d. Zagreb

  • IBAN: HR80 2484 0081 1049 4482 4


  • IBAN: HR14 2485 0031 1002 7346 1

PBZ d.d. Zagreb

  • IBAN: HR14 2340 0091 1106 6423 6
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