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Use youth discounts

Discounts are valid on certain bus lines. Find out more about discounts and how to use them on the page Ticket types and discounts.

Use a-card

With an a-card you get an extra 5% discount when buying bus tickets.

If you don't have an a-card yet, you can get one for free in all Arriva ticket offices. For issuing an a-card you only need a photo of a size 2,5 x 3 cm. Read more about a-card.

Buy tickets in Arriva Croatia mobile app

Buy your bus tickets in Arriva Croatia app and get an extra 5% discount on ticket prices for selected departures.

Find our best prices

Follow our advices can save even more:

  • Choose return ticket - when buying return tickets you can realise discount whereby the price of a return ticket is lower than buying two one-way tickets on the same route.
  • Compare prices by departure - flexible travel time allows you to choose a departure with lower ticket price. Ticket prices may vary depending on the day and the hour of travel, so certain departures on the same route can have a lower price.
  • Use a-card- make an a-card for free and earn an additional 5% discount when purchasing a bus ticket on Arriva Croatia lines.
  • Buy tickets online- buy tickets quickly and easily in the Arriva Croatia mobile app and save an additional 5% on selected departures.
  • Select passenger's category - pupils, students, persons under the age of 26, seniors and children receive special discounts compared to the standard ticket price (available on individual lines)
  • Utilize promo code - keep an eye on special promotions in Arriva and use the promo code for additional discounts when buying tickets in Arriva Croatia mobile app or in our webshop.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter - sign up to receive Arriva newsletter and never miss our special offers, promotions or news again.

Warum reisen mit uns?

Airconditioned klimatisierter Bus
Confort seats bequeme Sitze
Free WiFi Kostenloses WiFi
USB charger power outlets (subject to availability)
Hinfahrt Rückfahrt Open Rückfahrt

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