Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions of the Affiliate programme (hereinafter: general terms and conditions) are an integral part of a contract concluded between Autotrans d.d., the administrator of website www.arriva.com.hr, with its registered office at Šetalište 20. travnja 18, 51557 Cres (hereinafter: Autotrans), and the owner of a website who applies to participate in Affiliate programme by registering online (hereinafter: Affiliate partner).

By completing the online registration for participating in Affiliate programme, the Affiliate partner acknowledges that he has read, understood and that he fully accepts the rules and terms and conditions of this Affiliate programme.


These general clauses define the terms and conditions for participating, the rights and obligations, as well as the rules of behavior for all participants of our Affiliate programme.

This programme does not represent any form of partnership, joint venture or any other form of collaboration with which the Affiliate partner would receive authorities to present services of Arriva Croatia which are not defined in these general terms and conditions.

Autotrans grants its Affiliate partner a non-exclusive right to use the Arriva logo, banner, images, texts, search boxes and other materials to present in as quality manner as possible the offer of Arriva Croatia services.

Autotrans reserves all copyright in association with its name and slogan, logo, texts, computer programme and other intellectual property.


Affiliate partner is not permitted to use terms (keywords) “Arriva”, “Autotrans” and similar names or other related trademarks to gain preferential listings on search engines.

Presenting as “Arriva”, “Autotrans” including misspellings and other variants, is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination of affiliate agreement.

Affiliate partner is not permitted to use the term that consists of the brand name and general terms (e.g. Arriva bus tickets or Arriva travel).

Affiliate partner is not permitted to bid on competitor’s brand names (or misspells) to drive traffic to www.arriva.com.hr.

Regarding Google expanded broad match function, Affiliate partner is recommended to include the terms “Arriva”, “Autotrans” as negative keywords in all campaigns in order to eliminate the risk of appearing in the search under Arriva brand terms.

Any behavior of affiliate partner in conflict with aforementioned regulations may result in termination of affiliate agreement, of which the affiliate partner will be timely notified.

Affiliate partner is not permitted to use the term “Arriva”, “Autotrans” in their display URLs in any text ad, for example: www.arriva.com.hr or derivatives with misspelled words or case-sensitive letters.

All clicks must first land on the partner’s site, and the user must click from partner’s site to www.arriva.com.hr. Clicks must never land directly to www.arriva.com.hr. Overlays and masked URLs are not permitted.


All natural and legal persons owning a website and applying for participation in Affiliate programme online are entitled to participate in the mentioned Affiliate programme.

If the applicant website fulfils all the requirements for participation in the Affiliate program, Autotrans shall send to the Affiliate partner his user name and password for the access to the Affiliate partner centre.

The right to participate in the Affiliate programme is not allowed to websites that include the following content:

  • pornography, violence or other forms of discrimination (religious, national, racial, gender...)
  • activities that threaten intellectual property rights
  • other content that is for any reason whatsoever deemed unacceptable to be used by Affiliate programme

At any time, Autotrans reserves the right to deny the right to the Affiliate partner to participate in the Affiliate programme if during the check of the partner’s website Autotrans establishes the existence of any of the abovementioned forms of content.


The link between Autotrans and the Affiliate partner is carried out through texts, images, banners or search box.

The Affiliate Link is located on texts or images. In case of banners or search boxes, in line with the desired parameters, it is necessary to copy the generated HTML code and place it on the desired location within own website.

It is important to use the affiliate link/HTML code in its original format, as the smallest change on the assigned link may cause the erroneous functioning of the affiliate programme and in this case no accurate data related to the Affiliate partner’s turnover monitoring can be guaranteed.


The Affiliate partner is entitled to commission upon the accomplished sales of tickets through the Affiliate link/code. The commission is calculated only on the basis of the original service, i.e. cartage, and shall not be calculated in case the ticket has been cancelled or returned.

In case the Affiliate partner had been paid commission for a sold ticket that was subsequently returned, Autotrans shall reduce the following payment by the amount of commission paid for the returned ticket and shall notify the Affiliate partner thereof.

The percentage of commission shall be established depending on the category of partner at the moment of commission payment, as per the monthly turnover in the following manner:

Start Partner less than 20.000,00 Eur 5% commission
Super Partner from 20.000,00 to 40.000,00 Eur 7% commission
Premium Partner more than 40.000,00 Eur 8% commission

The percentage of the abovementioned commissions is exclusive of value added tax.


Autotrans shall develop a monthly calculation of sales until the 10th of every month for the previous month and shall deliver it to the Affiliate partner who must then issue an invoice based on the mentioned calculation.

The minimum monthly amount of commission is 100 EUR. If the Affiliate partner achieves a commission that is lower than the prescribed monthly minimum, Autotrans shall add the amount of commission to the commission payment for the following month, i.e. if the mentioned amount is not achieved over the course of several months during the year, the commission shall be paid irrespective of the amount achieved at the end of the calendar year, until the 15th of January of the following calendar year.

Concerning the foreign currency commission payments, the Affiliate partner shall bear all the costs of international money transfer.


Autotrans shall not be liable for any damages related to a failed calculation of commission, if this occurred due to unprofessional handling of the affiliate link/code or because of potential erased cookies by visitors.

Autotrans shall not be liable for damages caused by errors in the server work, electrical outages, weather conditions and “force majeure” conditions.

Autotrans shall not be liable for inaccuracy or omissions in terms of published prices on website www.arriva.com.hr, which may stem from erroneous data entry.

Autotrans shall not be liable for damages to the website of the Affiliate partner, for which it could be proven that they stemmed from the membership in the affiliate programme.


Autotrans reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions in line with its needs and with no prior notification to the Affiliate partner. These amendments shall enter into force upon their publishing on website www.arriva.com.hr.

The acceptance of these general terms and conditions by the Affiliate partner and the approval of the Affiliate partner’s website by Autotrans shall conclude the contract for an indefinite period of time. It can be terminated by both Autotrans and the Affiliate partner at any time with no prior explanations. Such termination shall be immediate and the contracting parties shall notify each other of it via email.


All potential disputes stemming from the implementation of these General Terms and Conditions, Autotrans and the Affiliate partner shall attempt to solve in an amicable manner. Should they fail to do so, the Commercial Court in Rijeka shall be competent and Croatian law shall be applicable.

In the case of the need of the interpretation of the provisions of these general conditions in relation to translated texts of the same in another language, the Croatian version of the text of these terms & conditions shall prevail.

The present General Conditions shall enter into force on January 24th 2024 and are available to the Passengers on the Carrier’s website www.arriva.com.hr.