Active contribution to COVID-19 prevention

As a leading bus service provider in Croatia, we transport our customers to thousands of destinations across the country and abroad, always keeping in mind the safety and health of our passengers and employees. In the current situation of the coronavirus epidemic, we strive to enable safe travel on a daily basis, carrying out a number of measures and activities in accordance with the instructions and guidelines of the competent institutions as well as our Arriva DB Group.

As a result, we have increased the hygiene standard on buses and use daily disinfectants that effectively destroy COVID-19, and are recommended by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Also, due to the situation in the environment, we further suspended all regular Arrive lines to Italy and Germany (except for the departure line at 15:00 Split - Frankfurt which operates only on 13.03.2020 and 14.03.2020). And our agency canceled all organized trips to Italy in March and April. Following the instructions of the Civil Protection Staff, we printed information posters containing coronavirus protection measures and displayed them in a visible place in all vehicles to help educate passengers and all our employees.


The contribution to the protection of health and safety is also ensured through continuous education of employees, procurement of protective equipment and adaptation of the business to the recommendations of the competent institutions. In this way, we are constantly raising awareness of the disease itself, its spread and prevention, with a special emphasis on general and specific protection measures, and in addition we have ensured and facilitated working conditions for our employees, which include the easy accessibility of protective equipment such as protective masks, disposable protective gloves, disinfectants. means of hands, etc. We also respect recommendations for postponing business trips to infected areas, arrange meetings over the internet, and set up a dedicated employee hotline for any questions and emergencies.

Further steps will be taken depending on the situation and according to the instructions of the relevant institutions, always bearing in mind the safety and health protection of our passengers, employees and their families.

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